Tiling and Stone Laying – Commercial

Floors, walls, and the ceiling are very important for commercial establishments. It could be a small retail outlet or a large airport lounge; each project brings with it unique challenges for the tiling and stone contractors. There are several factors to be considered while designing the floor and where needed, the walls. It starts with choosing the type of flooring preferred by the customer. In a majority of cases, the tiles chosen are based on bespoke designs.

Design Dictates the Type of Tiling

Commercial property owners would want the flooring design in their property to reflect the uniqueness of their corporate ethos. They would want the overall ambience to offer a pleasant experience for their customers. Where there are no public visitors permitted and only their employees are to occupy, the floor tiles chosen will be a lot simpler. Here, employees must feel comfortable working without much distraction.

In one commercial job, the tiling and stone contractor may have to execute different types of floors. The corridors and staircases will be different from the main foyer and front office. This is one reason commercial assignments bring out the best in any supplier of tiles. The sheer diversity of the projects throws challenges only the best in the business can handle efficiently.

Many customers may have their pre-determined designs and would want us to supply and install the tiles. This is particularly true of restaurant chains and major hospitality firms. Many of them would have an international footprint and would have uniform designs in all their outlets. Our task would be to show the different types of tiles we have in the design and colour the customer wants and to lay them perfectly.

Heavy Duty Tiles Preferred

One common thread across most commercial projects for tiling is the requirement that they last long. If you consider a hotel or a shopping mall, the footfalls in these places throughout the year are phenomenal. The owners of these properties would want us to suggest tiles that can withstand the wear and tear. It is difficult to undertake repairs to the floors in such places. Large and wide spaces can lose their charm if you try to replace a few tiles here and there. The strength and longevity of the tiles are very critical here.

Health & Safety Considerations

Health is another area tiling projects on commercial properties will have to keep in consideration. The materials used to make the tiles should not contain any harmful substances. There are standards laid down for tiling in public places. However, the customers would want us to plan and execute tiling work of a much superior quality that addresses these concerns. The safety aspect is equally critical. The surface of the tiles should not be slippery and pose a risk to people walking on them. 

Timely Completion of Work

Commercial property owners are invariably racing against time to open/reopen their premises for business. Tiling work is one of the last jobs before the final interior is done and as tiling contractors, we are expected to stick to the schedules agreed to. This will require quick mobilisation to the site to start the work and handing over the site back to the customers within the contracted timeframe. It is also important to hold an inventory of tiles of all designs to mobilise the resources to the site.

Laying Tiles – A Specialised Job

As tiling contractors for commercial sites, we are expected to demonstrate the highest standards in work execution. When you lay a large expanse of floor tiles, it has to be given a uniform finish throughout. Our technical staff is provided appropriate training for achieving this. They are exposed to the latest techniques in handling tiles for flooring and other applications from all over the world.

The Cost Factor

Handling tiling projects for commercial customers is more like a B2B transaction. We are conscious of the need to quote the best and the most competitive rates for our customers. Every business would be keen on keeping the costs down. Our success in this area is to offer the best service at the lowest prices feasible. That does not mean that we cut corners and compromise on the quality. We follow our innovative methods of saving on costs. Years of experience in tiling work gives us that edge.

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