One of the most important elements used in our homes is the tiles; it is a good way to infuse colour into different spaces. The texture and colour of the tiles help set the tone of our interiors. In this blog by Siera Stone Ltd-one of the leading tiling companies in UK, we are going to learn some expert tips to choose the right tile colours for your home.

Choosing Tile Colours:

Consider the size of your room: If you have a small room, go with light coloured tiles. Tiles in light hues, such as pastels and creams, can make a small room look larger. Dark tile colours, like-chocolates, navvy tones, burnt sienna, look best in spacious rooms with an open floor plan and plenty of light.

Consult a colour wheel: If you face difficulty when choosing stone or ceramic tile colours for your interior tile designs, then colour wheel may be just what you need, suggest the experts at Siera Stone Ltd-the leading tiling company in UK. You can choose one colour to dominate and use its analogous colours more sparingly. Also, if you desire contrasting tile colours, then simply choose from the colours on the colour wheel that lie directly opposite each other.

Consider furniture, walls, floors and work surfaces. Consider every aspect of your room before your decide to go with a tile colour. Also, think about the colour scheme that you would like to use. Tonal schemes can vary from bright and vibrant to cool and soothing or white and greys. After you have decided which theme you would like to go with, it’s time to put your design together.

Do some research: Search the net, interior design magazines for inspiration and ideas. Save a copy of what you like and use it to choose the tile colours for your home

Colour is a very powerful medium of expression and can be used to create beautiful spaces in your home. Use the tips above to select the right tile colours for your home, or simply contact Siera Stone Ltd-the best tiling company in London for the best tiling solutions to give stylish makeover to your home and office.

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