Natural stone is one of the best materials available to adorn your floors and walls. They don’t just enhance the beauty of your home, but also protect it from natural elements, such as heat, winds, rains etc. With proper care and maintenance natural stone tiles can provide years of functionality and beauty. If you have recently installed natural stone tiles in your home, here are some easy tips by Siera Stone Ltd-the leading tiles and stone contractors in London to keep them looking like new for years.

Never use harsh chemicals: One should refrain from using household cleaning products containing harsh chemicals on natural stone tiles, as they can make the surface of natural stones dull, causing irreversible damage. Different stones require different cleaning approaches. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Marble: Marble is a sturdy material that can last for generations if proper cleaning instructions are followed. Simple cleaning with warm water on a regular basis is enough to keep them clean. For thorough cleaning, there are special pH neutral cleaners available made specifically for this stone, which are safe and effective.
  • Granite: Granite is one of the most preferred natural stone materials, as it is available in dozens of colour variations. They can be used on walls, counters, floors, and in showers, because of their ability to withstand wear and tear and stress. Despite being tough, they still need some care. According to the expert tiling companies in London, it is important to seal granite surfaces and wipe spills instantaneously in order to avoid stains. Also, for regular cleaning always use a pH neutral cleaner with warm water.
  • Slate stone: Slate stone is also very tough and durable and highly resistant to scratches, stains and fading. For regular cleaning, just sweep, mop or wipe using plain water and micro fibre cloth and use a pH neutral floor cleaning agent.

Nothing looks as classy and beautiful as natural stone. To ensure, your beautiful home stays that way for years, use the tips given above and contact the experts at Siera Stone Ltd the leading tiling and stone contractors if you require the best quality stones and tiles in the UK. To schedule an appointment, visit their website-

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