If you are planning to give a new look to your home, consider adding stone veneer. It will not just make it look more attractive, but will also increase its value. Here is some useful information on stone veneers, by Siera Stone Ltd-the leading stone and tiling contractors in London.

What is stone veneer?

Stone Veneer is concrete cast in a mould to resemble natural stone. It has a flat edge on the back, so that it can be placed directly on your walls, held in place with mortar.

Why add stone veneer to your home?

Man has been using stones to build his shelter, since prehistoric times. Stone is not just widely available but extremely durable too. If you want a natural and classic look for your home then you should definitely consider adding stone veneer. Manufactured stone veneer products are lighter weight than real stones and are less expensive. Also, they come in a variety of colours and shapes to complement the style of your interiors.

Enhance the look of your home by incorporating stonework in a small area

The best way to incorporate a small area of stonework is to focus on the entryway. This is the first area people notice when they enter your home, so create the positive first impression by enhancing its look with stone veneers. This relatively simple upgrade will instantly up the style quotient of your home, suggest Siera Stone Ltd’s expert stone cladding contractors.

You can even add stone veneers to the fireplace. Using stone veneers in the fireplace creates a warm, classic look and makes for a durable option too.

If you’re considering a stylish and budget friendly home makeover, why not choose stone veneers that results in maximum effect for relatively little money, efforts, and inconvenience? Talk to the experts at Siera Stone Ltd about stone veneers. You and your home deserve it. Siera Stone Ltd brings together affordable, superior quality, beautiful, sturdy and maintenance free stone veneers that look good and last longer.

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