Beautiful tiles can add great value to your bathroom and offer unique touch to it, which can’t be matched by other materials.

Tiles made of ceramic, porcelain; slate and travertine are best suited for bathrooms. However, personal preference is the main factor to be considered when choosing your bathroom tiles.

Here are some tips, using which you can buy the perfect tiles for your stylish bathroom, brought to you by Siera Stone Ltd-the most sought after tiling contractors in London.

If you have a small bathroom

Light coloured tiles can make small bathrooms look bigger as they reflect more light than dark coloured tiles, thus giving a spacious and airy feel to your bathroom. So if you are buying tiles for a small bathroom always buy tiles of light colours and put special emphasis on illumination! Using big mirrors in your bathroom is another great idea to make small bathroom look bigger, it will work together with tile to make your bathroom look bigger, by reflecting more light.

Consider using natural stone tiles for stylish effects

Natural stone tiles, such as travertine, marble and slate can be used to create beautiful and unique effects in your bathroom. The best thing about natural stone tiles is that each tile comes with a unique pattern that makes natural tiles one of the most preferred tiles. Many commercial tiling contractors even have ceramic/porcelain tiles with designs that replicate natural stones.

Marble tiles with a combination of dark and soft colours can be an amazing choice for a modern and stylish bathroom.

Choose the same coloured tiles for walls and floors

Choosing the same tiles for walls and floors is a good way to streamline the decor. You can break the monotony by different coloured bathroom accessories. If you have small bathroom then choose your tiles in light colours. This will make your bathroom look spacious.

It can be a challenge to select the right tiles for stylish interiors, but once it is done correctly, it can lend years of beauty to your bathroom and win you lots of praises. For more such tips or for the best tiling work, contact Siera Stone Ltd’s-one of the leading tiling companies in Essex.

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