Mirrors nowadays are being used widely in interior decoration. If you wish to give your home a bright and spacious look, mirror tiles are a perfect choice for your next tiling project. Their use can add grace and style to any space of your house, winning you lots of praise from your family and friends. Here are some great tips to use mirror tiles in your home, brought to you by Siera Stone Ltd-one of the best tiling companies in UK.

Mirror tiles-not a new concept

Mirror tiles are becoming a popular choice of interior decorators and homeowners these days. But, many would be surprised to know that they were used widely in ancient civilizations such as Egyptian civilizations as well. Inspired from their beauty and their ability to create light and space, many home decorators and commercial tiling contractors started using these tiles in their tiling projects.

Why use mirror tiles?

Following are the qualities of mirror tiles that make them so popular:

  • Their ability to create light and space, by reflecting light.
  • They can create the illusion of space in a small room, and provide an interesting look to a large room which might otherwise appear dull and boring.
  • They are waterproof, so they are especially popular in the kitchen and bathroom walls.

How to use in bathroom

In your bathroom, you can achieve a really glamorous and beautiful effect by using mirror tiles of different shapes. Bevelled or rounded mirror tiles will really brighten up your bathroom, if you arrange them around the frame of your mirror, or around the shower.

How to use in kitchen

Bevelled or rounded mirror tiles can also be used to brighten up your kitchen. Siera Stone Ltd, the leading London ceramic tiling contractors recommend using them as a backsplash, or in recesses with down-lighting.

Mirror tile surfaces are easy to keep clean, and will add great beauty and character to your interiors. So, talk to Siera Stone Ltd’s tiling experts today, to determine whether mirror tiles would be suitable for your home. Schedule an appointment today, visit Siera Stone Ltd at-

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