Specialised Tiling Work for the Leisure and Hospitality Sector

The leisure and hospitality businesses are largely customer-centric. This means the owners of these businesses go into minute details of what their customers want and how to make them happy. When a guest walks through their doors, they would want them to feel relaxed and at home. What better way to do it than by laying the best floors and building beautiful walls? That is why companies engaged in the leisure and hospitality sectors choose only the best tiling and stone contractors. Their needs are special and we meet every one of them.

Residential and Commercial Tiling Rolled into One

If you consider a luxury hotel, the requirement for tiling and stonework could be multi-dimensional. There will be some components of residential tiling like the guest rooms and the bathrooms. The large foyer and lounges and corridors will have what is usually done for commercial properties. There is more. Hotels will have the swimming pools to be tiled and facilities like a spa. Only an agency with all-round capabilities can successfully accept and execute tiling contracts for leisure and hospitality sector customers.

The tiles contractor would be handling different types of tiles with finishes varying between the luxury and glister of the lobby to the functionality of the swimming pools. The leisure business can include resorts, clubs and other recreational facilities. Their tiling requirements can also be unique and have to be addressed that way.

Specialist Tilers Deployed for These Projects

Tiling contractors would reserve their best tilers for the projects in the hospitality and leisure sector. This is in line with the dynamic nature of the requirements of these customers. Years of experience and constant training enables the technicians to take up the work with confidence. You can appreciate the workmanship when you walk into a star hotel the next time. You can look down at the floor and see how the tiling or stonework has been finished. Many of these projects are prestigious for tiling contractors like us.

The gallery included on our website would have images from some of the projects executed in the sector. Quality of workmanship has to be of the top order here.

Vast Range of Tiles

A typical hotel owner would choose tiles for their property keeping certain factors into consideration. These include the life of the tile. If you use the right type of tiles, of the appropriate colour, it will look fresh and new for many years and repairs will be hardly necessary. In any case, hotels do have their dedicated maintenance teams to keep their floors and walls clean all the time. This ensures the tiles are not damaged easily. Porcelain is one material many hotels choose for their floors and walls.

Hotels retain consultants for their projects who advise them on the best tiles. This saves us the trouble and only the supply and installation are in our scope.

Cost Considerations Not Missed

Though the customers from the hospitality and leisure sectors would want to have the high-end tiles in their properties, they are equally conscious of the cost of the project. Tiling contractors have to work within their best budgets and execute the work. We strive to do our best. As mentioned, a lot of prestige is attached to such projects and can be useful in gaining more business.

Guaranteed Services

Once the tiling contractor signs up with a customer in the hospitality sector, it is a long-term relationship. The property owner may have other projects coming up and the tiling work there would be passed on to us. Even in the projects executed, if there are any repairs or replacements to be done, it is immediately attended to. That is part of the after-sales or service warranty for the work executed.

Every new project brings with it some learnings and we ensure that these percolate to the last employee in the organisation. Service industries thrive on human skills and we value our staff immensely.

If you are connected to the leisure or hospitality industry, you can trust Lusso Marble to take care of all your tiling requirements. Give us a call and we would do the rest.