The area around the swimming pool offers great opportunity to create an interesting look and define your pool’s personality and style. Natural stone decks are beautiful and elegant companions to sophisticated pool settings. In this article by Siera Stone Ltd-the leading stone contractors in London, we will read how natural stones can be used to create a beautiful swimming pool area.


Travertine is a popular material for building luxury pool decks. It is hard-wearing yet beautiful and has been used since ancient times. Even today, it is a popular material with pool builders as it is porous nature and is cool to touch. It absorbs water instantly, making the decks virtually slip-free. Travertine is available in ivory, brown, light brown and gold colours. Rich and luxurious in look, they are chosen to provide an artistic look to the poolscape, assert the experienced contractors at Siera Stone London stone company.


Flagstone is another very popular material for designing poolscape. Rich in earth-toned colours and textures, it is an ideal material for area around pools due to its non-slip surface and durability. Another reason why it is preferred is because it requires very low maintenance.


Slate is a type of flagstone that is valued for its durable nature, and the varieties it offers. Colours range from blacks and brown to reds, rusts, greens, purples to blues. This type of stone decking is ideal for natural settings, but can be used anywhere.


Limestone is very hardy and can last for years, no matter what the weather. It is preferred by the stone contractors and pool designers for its durability and beautiful looks. They lend an earthy look to your space and can hold up against continuous use. They are available in various colours, like-gray, blue, brown, tan and pink. So, if you are looking for a beautiful yet durable natural stone decking solution, talk to Siera Stone, stone contractors.


Sandstone is hard-wearing, even-toned and the ideal companion for pools that are dramatic in colour and texture.

Care and maintenance

Despite the fact that natural stone is very hard wearing, it is important, to keep in mind that it should be treated with an approved sealer so that it can handle weather changes, pool chemicals and remain beautiful for years.

If you are fascinated by the ideas listed above, talk to the stone contractors at Siera Stone Ltd for the best solutions to make your home-a dream home!


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