Residential Tiling Solutions in London

Tiling work for residential customers demands a different mindset on the part of the tiling company. We become facilitators and consultants for our customers. This is because of the huge experience we have in this trade and the desire among the homeowners to add to their knowledge of tiles and tiling work. Many of our customers may have brilliant ideas on what they want to do with the tiling for their homes. However, giving these ideas a practical shape and delivering the floors and walls to their liking and satisfaction is the challenge we accept with glee.

Choices Galore

Each individual may have his or her own choice when it comes to tiling for their homes. The type of flooring needed, where should the walls be fitted with tiles and the designs – all these differ. Then, there is external tiling work involved too. Colour choices can also widely vary. So, each house is treated as a special project and the team deputed to execute the work is briefed accordingly.

Our team would interact with the customers to understand their needs and complete the work as desired by the customer.

The tiles used for flooring in the living room and the bedrooms would be different from the ones chosen for the bathrooms. Walls in the bathrooms will have to be tiled. The customer will decide if this should be fully tiled up to the ceiling or up to a certain height. The fireplace will demand a different tile. External tiling in the driveway or the approach to the door will be different as well.

Each of these applications will have different tile varieties and the customers get to choose the tiles. Some customers may have a particular brand in mind and we have to cater to those.

The other factor to play a key role in choosing the tile for residential jobs is that they should be low-maintenance tiles. We offer our advice on this from our experience. 

Tiling Processes Can Also Vary

Tiling technology has been constantly improving over the years and our technical personnel keep themselves abreast of these. Training sessions are held for this purpose. Within one residential property when different tiles are installed, suitable processes are employed to give them the perfect finish. The base has to be prepared and levelled and that is followed by the substrate preparation. This is an expert job and the long life of the tiling work depends on the right substrate being used for laying the tiles.

Unless you make a realistic comparison of the tiling work executed by our team and another contractor, you may not be able to appreciate these factors.

Work Has to be Completed in a Limited Timeframe

While there is a sense of urgency in executing commercial tiling projects, residential projects can be no different. If the tiling job is part of a home renovation project, then there would be very little time at our disposal. The occupants of the house may be living there and would want our tiling team to quickly finish their work and make way for them to move in.

This becomes a huge challenge since we have to be on our toes all the time. We have to move the materials and the people to the site without any delay and try and complete the work within a day. We can choose one room at a time and finish without causing too much inconvenience to the residents. 

Be Cost-effective

The request to keep the costs down comes from all our customers, commercial or residential. That is understandable since money is not easy to come by and everyone wants to conserve as much as they could. For a tiling contractor like us, it is important to deliver our best services and still charge a reasonable fee for it.

More than the quoted price being reasonable, customers want the contractor to be transparent and not add any hidden charges later. Customers would want a clear quotation of the total costs for the complete execution of the job.

Keep the Relationship Going

One of our unique offerings is continued support to our customers, long after the tiling work has been completed. This builds trust with them and our customers know that they can call us anytime for assistance. It could be a small repair work of a broken tile or an area deliberately left without tiling last time and the customer feels it is time to take it up now.

Trust is created by our technical team along with those in our marketing and customer support functions.

If you have a property anywhere in London and looking for tiling and stonework contractors, Lusso Marble is the right choice.