Tiling For Retail Businesses

The type of floor retail business establishments would want depends on the nature of their business. Think of an automotive showroom where they will be moving vehicles all the time across the floors and it has to be a floor that offers a good grip. A retail showroom for fashion or garments would want to provide a luxurious feel to the showroom’s appearance. Their customers may be more comfortable that way. A food retail business, on the other hand, would want a tiled floor that is easy to clean and maintain. So, as tiling contractors, it is our responsibility to suggest the best tiling solutions to different customers.

Workmanship and Finish Very Important

Retail business in any product line is highly competitive these days. Making the customers happy and ensuring they return to buy from their stores is crucial for the owners of the retail businesses. Floors and walls in any retail outlet are visible to the customers and must have an impressive appearance.

The tiling contractor can contribute by making sure the tiles are laid perfectly where the joints are not visible and the levelling is uniform throughout. The challenge here is to make the floor unobtrusive in the scheme of things in some cases. In others, the floor must stand out and make a bold statement.

This is where our tile installation team does a remarkable job and our customers can vouch for that.

Short-and-Sweet Projects

By their very nature, tiling contracts from retail business owners are not very large. There may be exceptions like large departmental stores but by and large, the retail outlets have small flooring areas to cover and the tiling work needs to be completed on a war footing. In many cases, our team might try to finish the work during the weekends so that the business does not suffer. If the business is already closed and the flooring work is part of a complete renovation, we get a little more time to finish the tiling work.

Special Requirements of Retail Outlets

Besides the tiling work for the floors and the storefront, retail outlets can have additional requirements from the tiling and stone contractor. Some may want special stone slabs for the counters and others would need the walls to be tiled and so on. The ability of the contractor to offer all these services under one roof is put to test. Customers prefer to deal with one agency that can take care of the supply and installation of all their tiling requirements.

Floors and Walls Need to be Healthy

An area that was not very critically considered in the past but has gained currency is the environmental security in all public places. Any material used in the construction and finishing of buildings has to be environment-friendly. Aspects like carbon emissions come into play. In this business of tiles, the manufacturers and the suppliers of tiles have to certify that they have not used any harmful ingredients in the process of making the tiles. Constant use of the floors and walls should not result in shedding any particles that can be a health hazard, however insignificant.

As tiling contractors, we tend to use various materials while preparing the substrates and jointing compounds are used while laying the tiles. These chemicals must also be free from any harmful substances.

Be Cost-Conscious Throughout

Retail business owners run a tight ship and capital expenses are difficult for them to amortise in a short period. Flooring work falls under the capital expense category and they would want to keep it to the bare minimum. Since we want their business, we tend to keep costs to the minimum and offer the best cost advantage to the customers in the retail sector.

We want the customer to trust us that the prices quoted by us are the best for the job proposed. There can be no compromise on the quality of the tiles supplied nor on the installation work executed.

At Lusso Marble, we keep these as our cornerstones: best quality tiles supplied; timely execution of work; perfect finish as far as installation is concerned and remain cost-competitive. Retail businesses across London choose us for these reasons.