If you are looking for the most durable tiling solution for your home, then there is no better alternative than natural stone tiles. While stone tiles provide long lasting beauty to your home, proper care and maintenance will keep them looking new like for years. An important part of care and maintenance is stain removal. In this article by Siera Stone Ltd- the premier stone contractors in London, we will read ways to remove common stains and growths.

Cleaning dirt from your tiles:

When it comes to general cleaning of your stone tiles, it is always good to give your tiles a good scrubbing with a good quality brush accompanied by mild detergent and hot water.

Weeds, Moss and Lichen:

Moss, Lichen and Algae grow on the areas that are damp and heavily shaded. These growths can be easily controlled by regular treatment. Here’s what you should do if you see moss, lichen etc growing-Scrape off any thick growths and discard them, moss, lichen, etc need to be treated with water based fungicide and algaecide.

Removing oil stains:

Oil penetrates readily into a tiled area and can be really hard to remove; so the expert stone contractors at Siera Stone suggest that you act as soon as you spot the oil. One should use a dry cloth or kitchen roll to absorb the oil. Rubbing should be avoided as this will spread it over a larger area. Once you have absorbed the oil, dust talcum powder over the area. Once, the powder has absorbed as much of the stain as possible, clean the area with a brush, mild detergent and hot water.

These were some tips to keep your tiles looking like new for years. But, sometimes the stain is too hard to be removed and in that case the tile has to be replaced. So, whether you need to replace a few tiles, are considering replacing your existing tiles or are looking to enhance the beauty of your home by installing tiles, Siera Stone Ltd, which is one of the most reputed tiling contractors in London will provide you with the best advice for your location and to suit your requirements. Contact them now to speak to an expert or simply visit their website-

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